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SLS SLA/3D printing service /3d' target='_blank'>rapid prototype


prototype model maker Surface treatment


(1) polishing


From polishing we get the smooth effect.
below conditions we consider to choose the polishing effect:
A: we just need check the basic appearance of the parts or the products.
B: When we just need arrange the structure test.
C: When we just need arrange the function test.


(2) varnished effect

A: shiny effect
B: matte effect
After the varnish,usually we will arrange the parts to pass through the 
UV machine to get the good shiny effect and the paint will dry enough in short time.


(3) screen printing and PAD printing


(4) electroplate effect
A: chromed effect
B: nickelplate effect
C: galvanized
D: electrogilding
E: copper plating


(5) sandblast
(6) drawbench
(7) Laser etching




prototype model maker  related information



1:Product name

 company which provide SLS service

2:Normal plastic material ABS,PC,PMMA, Acrylic ,PP,Nylon,PA,PA66,POM,PVC.
3:HT plastic Material PPS,PS,LCP,PEEK,PTFE,PVDF,Teflon,TPV,bakelite,bakelite resin Fiberglass,CarbonFiber.PA+FG PA+15%FG PA+30%FG PA+GF,PA+15%GF PA+30%GF 
4: Our Advantages

(1) Quick qucik reply,qucik making.
(2) Efficient and professtional team 
(3) Delivery in time
(4) Excellent equipment & skill
(5) High quality and competitive price

5:The Operation process (1): Receive the 3D drawing and related files from the customers
(2): Double check and decide the technology details to make the parts.
(3): programming.
(4): CNC machining
(5): polish and assemble
(6): surface dealing with.
(7): Checking the parts according to the customer's requirment.
(8): Express the parts to the customer( DHL/FEDEX).
6:Our product and services (1): Industrial product design 
(2): CNC Plastic and metal rapid prototype 
(3): Vacuum casting silicone mould and small volume production
(4): 3/4/5 axis CNC machining
(5): SLA/SLS Rapid Prototyping
(6): Reverse engineering/3D scanning 
(7): simple plastic and metal mold
(8): Injection mold and production
(9): CNC engraving
7: Products Range (1)Household electrical appliances: Air conditioner,Steam cleaner,electric heater,coffee maker and so on.
(2)Toys: Car model, baby carrier,baby carriage,children’s cart
(3)Hardware: Faucet, Head shower, bath equipment, Sanitary ware 
(4)Digital product: digital camera,digital frame,video camera 
(5)Transportation: Motorcycle, Motorcycle accessory,Vehicle
(6)Medical treatment devices :Medical device,medical equipment
(7)Telecommunication equipments: Telephone, Fax machine, Printer, mobile phone and so on.
8: Drawings formats Software: PRO/E,UG,Solidworks,3ds MAX,Rhino,AutoCAD;Drawings formats: stp,igs,dwg,X-T,PDF, prt,SLDPRT.                                     

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