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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

We manufacturer in the field of all kinds of sheet metal parts, all our products are made as per customer's drawingmple, precision up to 0.01 to 0.1mm;

1) Material can be stainless steel(303,304,316 etc), iron, copper or aluminum, Galvanized sheet,CRCA, etc;
2) Main equipment: CNC lathe, laser cutting, EDM,CNC Machine, automatic lathe, hand lathe grinder, thread rolling machine, tapping drilling machine etc;
3) Advanced measuring & testing equipment: Projecting apparatus, roughness tester, hardness tester, concentricity tester etc;
4) Forming processes: Bending, curling, decambering,incremental sheet forming,ironing,laser cutting,perforating, press brake forming,punching,roll forming,stamping,wire cuting,spining,wheeling,
5) Surface treatment according to customer's requirements can be polishing, zinc plating, nickel plating or chrome plating, phosphating etc;
6) High quality, competitive price;

Process for the Sheet Metal Fabrication Services:

Laser Cutting-Punching-sheet metal forming-Welding-Grinding-Finishing-Assembly-Machining if need-Logistics

Are you purchasing sheet metal fabrications or sheet metal components and want to know for free if anything can be improved with your sheet metal work design or the price you are paying? With hundreds of standard CNC punch tools for our Trumpf CNC punch presses, in most cases we can punch out your sheet metal fabrication designs without the need for any new tooling. This may be CNC punching of ventilation slots, electronic component cutouts, light fitting lamp holder cutouts and all your standard circles and rectangles as well as more specialized shapes and features.
VOWIN Sheet Metal handle projects from just a few samples, special bespoke projects through CNC punched batch work and up to higher volume press work all from within our factories in Fareham, Hampshire. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to offer you the complete sheet metal fabrication service from design to manufacturing. Why not let us look at your sheet metal work requirements today and start to help you stay competitive.
What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication plays an important role in numerous sectors. From aviation to manufacturing, fabrication ensures your machines and complex operations have the parts needed for ongoing success.

Metal fabrication refers to a set of methods used to shape metal materials. More specifically, sheet metal fabrication companies use a range of tools and techniques to alter and control the shape of material, creating new components and custom parts.

The key distinction is that fabrication is not about producing complete machinery or complex products. It is a method of creating components to exact specification, using raw materials that have the desired qualities. It is often used with sheet metal, for example, because various metals have unique qualities, in addition to strength and durability, that are ideal in various industries and sectors.
Who Needs Sheet Metal Fabrication Services?

There are many sectors that can make use of fabrication services. Any company that is involved with complex machinery – particularly those with prototypes or custom solutions – often need unique parts that can’t be produced or reliably secured elsewhere.

Fabrication is useful for people who require specific, custom made parts where the exact specifications matter. This can include complex machinery, engines and other technical designs, where a secure fit is essential. Companies can’t risk using pre-made parts that were not designed for them, so these sheet metal operations serve to provide exactly what they need.
What Types Of Sheet Metal Fabrication Are Available?

There are many types of sheet metal fabrication services available, depending on the desired outcome. These can include:
Cutting – as it implies, this involves cutting material down to exact length and specification.

Forming and Shaping – this is where metal is coerced into a new shape, often through a press brake, or rolling it into a curved form.

Machining – in this method, metal is removed from key areas, creating holes and other forms. This is done through various cutting tools, using hardened materials to cut the metal to specification.

Grinding and Finishing – Grinding can be used to ensure a smooth, level shape or surface, while additional finishing techniques, such as coating or galvanising, can add the final qualities needed.

Punching – this involves using specialised machines to punch shapes directly into sheet metal, creating the desired components quickly. This is ideal for batch orders.

Welding – there are a number of techniques, including Mig and Tig, but welding nonetheless serves to join separate pieces of metal together.

Which materials can Grenville Engineering fabricate?

Stainless Steel

How Can Vowin Engineering Help?

In addition to our skilled team, Grenville Engineering strives to offer a fantastic local service. We understand the exact needs of metal fabrication, so we’ve built up a reputation for ensuring we produce exact parts to meet your expectations.
We have a wide range of experience and knowledge in the metalworking sector, which we are happy to share with you. If you are not sure what you need, tell us your current specifications and we can narrow down your search by materials, fabrication method and more.


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