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Prototype Iterations in Product Management

The business strategy of the enterprise has been transformed to "respond quickly to market demands", and the time factor is above all. Under the requirement, the competitiveness of enterprises lies in how to create a prototype as soon as possible to verify the design of product developers, and make new product go to market faster.

The product development in the initial stage is a long and complicated process till concept design to prototype development. However, this stage is very necessary before moving to mass production. In fact, product prototypes can be verified throughout the entire design and development cycle, including concept models, presentation prototypes, functional prototypes, engineering prototypes and low volume manufacturing. Appropriate utility of prototype techniques can potentially make new product development process more dynamic and effective, reducing the chance of failure.




Significance of Product Prototypes in Development Process

  • Realize and explore concepts. Build product ideas into a manageable scope while working to establish the critical details and fully understand the design intent through proof-of-concept prototypes.
  • Communicate ideas effectively. Visual presentation models empower designers to share their concepts with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders to facilitate the clear, actionable feedback.
  • Design iterations more flexible. Functional prototype development can be used to test design iterations and perfect your product’s performance. Let any issues to be discovered and corrected well before getting to a final product, and reduced business risk.
  • Move to full production with confidence. Creating engineering prototypes that match final product makes it easier to verify design, engineering, and manufacturability in the prototype development process before investing in expensive tools and putting them into production.
  • Cost-effective low volume manufacturing. Rapid tooling and custom low-volume production will be able to bridge the gap between prototype and production, and make your product go to market faster at an affordable price.





WayKen’s Capabilities Provide Complete Support through Entire Development Process

WayKen has been dedicating to providing fast, high-efficiency product prototype development and rapid manufacturing solutions for all walks of life of companies across industries, no matter from commercial to consumer products or from instruments and equipment to digital products and home appliance. Our portfolio of product prototype manufacturing ensures design accuracy, meets test and verification, and at last brings to company success.

At the same time, we do strive to be your best full service product development partner in the industry. We specialize in a variety of prototyping and manufacturing technology, providing CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting, rapid tooling, and low volume injection molding, which maintain a competitive edge with innovative service and highly skilled workforce. We’ll work together – and with you – through every step of the product design and development process till prototype production.


Prototype Application for Product Development In All Industries

Equipment & Instruments Prototyping

WayKen makes a wide range of product prototype for equipment and instruments usage with engineering-grade plastics and metals in many applications. With the same material as the final product, prototypes realistically simulate the mechanical function, electrical properties, chemical resistance, thermal properties, and life testing of the end use product. So that you can clearly understand how a part or assembly will function when subjected to real-world environment representing what it will see in its actual application.

Our superior technology and craftsmanship allows our technicians to create complex prototype of working mechanisms to check form and fit, ensuring that all parts fit within an assembly for expensive equipment and multi-component instruments. From prototyping to manufacturing, we ensure that the functionality of your custom designed instrument and equipment meets your optimal needs and expectations.






Commercial & Office Prototyping

WayKen’s prototyping technical capabilities are well suited for commercial and office automation equipment (OA products) manufacturers with components manufactured to your exact specifications. The prototype development will faithfully represent the attributes of the end-product, including dimensional accuracy for assembling mating parts, checking design errors and hidden dimensional differences and tolerances.

We can use our technical experience in high-precision CNC machining and rapid tooling to provide the best advice on components according to materials, processes, tolerances, and predict potential problems to help tackle your engineering difficulties. With professional engineers and project managers, WayKen is unparalleled in product prototyping and always maintains seamless collaboration with customers, able to provide ongoing support throughout the product development.


Digital & Appliances Prototyping

In the competitive consumer products field, everything we do here at WayKen is focused on providing the best quality prototyping in the industry — on time and cost. WayKen creates high-quality visual presentation models virtually identical to the real products. These prototyped models are ideal for use in focus groups, trade shows and other sales and marketing activities.

From computer to mobile phones, TV set to air-condition, WayKen has over 20 years’ experience in consumer products prototype development. We can react quickly to any project development requirements in days. We operate a one-stop support from prototype machining to surface finishing. Quickly simulate products during all phases of the design process for visual evaluation of features, shape, functionality and overall look and feel.




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