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CNC Machining - Milling & Turning

50 sets CNC Machining - high Efficiency
Max milling size:2100*1200*550mm
Advantages: a large sample size, high strength, good toughness, low cost.
Metal material:Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy, Sheet Metal, Brass

3D Printing (SLA/SLS)

Build Envelope: 450x450x300mm
Resolution: ± 0.05mm Materials: EP06, Somos 14120, Nylon, Metal... Advantage:High Speed/ High Precision Complex Geometries/
Material Reduction Options/Both Comestic and Structural Parts

Vacuum Casting

Maximum size: 1000*800*800mmTolerance:100mm/+/-0.20mm. Injected Material: Impoted PU, Transparent PU, Soft PU、PP、8150、PX223、PX100
Mold material: Imported
Silicone、Tnsparent Silicone、Special Silicone

Sheet Metal Machining

Fabrication includes: -Cutting - sawing, shearing, or chiseling torching and CNC laser, milling -Bending -Assembly - welding,
adhesive binding, or crimping. Material:cold rolled sheet (SPCC), hot rolled plate (SHCC), galvanized sheet (SECC/SGCC), brass,
copper, copper, aluminum plate, aluminum, stainless steel plating.

Injection Molding/Die Casting Mold

Injection molding is a method to mass produce complex parts. Inject the heated and melted material with high pressure into the
cavity, after cooling solidification, then products molded. Advantages:Low cost tooling/ Complete design freedom/High strength to
weight ratio/No sink marks / Elimination of secondary operations /Low weight/Wide range pf physical properties

Surface Treatment

3.Silk Screen
5.Hand Assembly
6.Laser etching
8.high polish
9.fuming PC
All the surface treatment according to client's request

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