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aluminum alloy,magnesium alloy,zinc alloy,titanium alloy,stainless steel,alloy steel,mild steel,

brass,cooper,sheet metal,ABS,POM,PMMA,PE,PPS,PET,PEEK,PTFE,nylon PA,epoxy tooling board,rubber,phenol formaldehyde,photosensitive resin,etc.



Welding,Vacuum Casting,Puching,Etching,Chemical Machining,3D Printing,Wire EDM,Vacuum Forming,Rapid Prototyping,SLA/SLS Prototype,etc.


CNC Turning Center,Vertical Machining Center,Horizontal Machining Center,Boring Lathe

5-Axis Machining Center,3-Axis CNC Milling Machine,CNC Lathe Machine,Centerless Grinding Machine,Automatic Lathe Machine,Stamping Machine,EDM Wire Cutting Machine,Saw Machine,

Laser Cutting Machine,NC Flame Cutting Machine,Laser Marking Equipment


Passivate,Anodizing,Electroplate,Sandblasted,Oxidation,Bake Painting,Silkscreen,Laser carving,

Heat Treatment,Tempering,Polishing,Brushing,Galvanization,Nickel Plating,Oil Spraying,Coating

Ni/Cr/Zinc Plating


Projector,Caliper,Micrometer,Thread Gauge,Pin Gauge,CMM,Roughness tester,Straightness,

D Measurement Instrument,Salt Spray Tester,HV hardness Tester,Laser Diameter Measuring Instrument,etc.


Pharmaceutical,Chemical,Communications,Lens,LED Fluorescent Lamps,Lighting Products,

TV/Monitor,Industrial Components,Machinery Assemblies,Precesion CNC Parts,Entertainment Equipment,Plastic Injection Mold,Wireless Device,military parts,aviation,etc.

Tolerance From 0.02mm to 0.1mm(±0.01-0.05mm)
SIZE 120"×47"×27"(300cm×120cm×70cm)



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Service scope of Vowin:


3D printing Prototype       CNC Lathe  Processing 

Rapid prototyping SLA/SLS Test fixture customization

Bending Parts Processing    Assembly Parts Processing

Tubular Parts Processing    Metal Gear Parts Processing

Shaft Core Parts Processing ♦Stamping Parts Processing 

CNC Milling/turning/drilling   

Automatic Lathe Machining Parts

CNC Machined Center Processing Parts

Surface Treatment Parts Processing' target='_blank'>Aluminum Extrusion Parts Processing

Dongguan machining iron steel parts CNC lathe turning parts,Custom made high precision Mold steel cnc lathe machining parts for Medical,Stainless Steel CNC metal turning parts/ CNC Lathe Processing,High quality cnc machining stainless steel central machinery parts lathe wood parts for automobile,cnc machining turning milling lathe parts stainless steel aluminum brass machined parts,


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