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we have good advantage in rapid protoyping made by CNC' target='_blank'>machining from EPP foam block or EPS foam block or EPO foam block, and also we are very pleased to manufacture low order quantity' target='_blank'>molded foam parts.
We have our own EPP/EPS/EPO foam moulding machines in our plants and we also assorted with CNC workshops equiped with Milling machine,EDM machines that make high quality aluminum mold toolings and plastic injection molds for us.
Our Service:
--Foam and Plastic injection Mould design and tooling
--Prototype mould (Rapid Protoypes made by CNC machining from EPP/EPS/EPO foam blocks)
--Molded Automotive parts and other low order quantity auto parts manufacturing
--EPP/EPS/EPO foam moulding
Our product applications:
--for automtoive parts(E.g: EPP foam bumper core, EPP foam tool box, EPP head restraints, EPP foam seating liner,etc)
--for medical parts(E.g: EPP/EPS chassis, EPP/EPS packaging heat insulation containers)
--for sports protection(E.g: EPP/EPS foam helmet liners for motorcycle,ski,skating,etc)
--for models and toys(E.g: EPP foam UAV planes, hobby model planes, toy planes,etc)
--for transport packaging(E.g: EPP antistatic packaging for LCD panels, telcom packaging products.etc)




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