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Product Name:  Vacuum casting car light prototype

Advantage:  low cost, fast lead time and low risk.

Material: Clear Acrylic(PMMA)+ABS

Description: This is a plastic car light case for foreign car,  made by clear Acrylic parts and ABS black parts, then assemble those parts together as a whole car light.



1. Making the master piece

First, a solid master piece or pattern is required, this can be made of any stable material , then we will use CNC machining or one of our rapid prototype service to make it .

2. Create the silicone mold

Use this master piece to make a product shape in the silicone mold ,so later  will leave a hollow cavity in the silicone mold which is an exact conformity of the original shape

3.  Making the small batch production

When the silicone mold has been finished ,then we can creating a solid and stable replica of original car light parts master pattern.Usually 15-20 car light parts can share one mold.

4.  Surface treatment
It requires polishing to make all the surface smooth then painting color or make other surface finish

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