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Job Specification:

Project :Plastic parts with silk screen and painting
Processes Involved: CNC machining, silk screen, painting.
Lead time:6 days
Quantity:10 units

How the Part are Made:

The client provided the specification and requirements for the components, including the necessary material.The main elements of the job were relatively straightforward, and included CNC machining, painting and silk screen. At first, the product is CNC machined from a block of ABS material.Then sanded by hand to get rid of any impurities cased by machine.In this case it was sanded until the surface was smooth. Afterwards the products painted in black. Lastly, silk screened the multicolored logo.

Silk Screen Equipment
Painting & Printing Techniques

At Vowin Prototype we train our craftsmen to perform advanced detailing, painting, and printing of prototypes. With a focus on producing high quality printed and painted prototypes, we also invested in a clean room paint facility, the only one of its kind in China. Our topcoat facility ensures the absence of silicone contaminants and dust, and also allows us to deal with the extreme humidity in China. Our prototype painting and printing specialists wear full-body suite and full-face active carbon respirators to avoid contaminating the paint in any way.
Vowin employs a wide range of painting and printing techniques to ensure our clients’ rapid prototypes look exactly as they want them. Available painting and printing techniques include clear part tinting, color matching, metal flake paints and more.
Our prototype painting and printing services use imported toners and top-coat paints from PPG, manufactured in the U.S. We have a huge range of toners, allowing us to match almost all Pantone colors. Our painters are trained in color theory, and all colors are matched in specially designed light cabinets. These procedures allow Star Prototype to provide painted finishes equal to the best prototype factories around the world.

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