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Five-axis CNC machining offers our customers a variety of advantages over the more common 3-axis machining:

• Most parts can be fully machined with a single setup. This reduces cycle time and lets us produce more parts faster, so we can complete your order sooner. Using only one setup also increases the accuracy of details on the different sides or planes of the part.

• Highly contoured, close tolerance surfaces are easier to machine. Smaller diameter cutters can be used to produce fine details that would be difficult or impossible to achieve on a standard 3-axis machine. Shorter end mills can be used with 5-axis CNC machining, allowing for reduced cutter deflection for increased accuracy and seamless blends of complex surfaces. Shorter end mills also allow for faster stock removal during the rough machining phase. Undercuts that would have been difficult or impossible to machine using a standard 3-axis machine can be created easily with a 5-axis machine.

• Holes or features that must be at compound angles to each other are more easily, quickly, and accurately drilled or machined with 5-axis CNC machining. With a standard 3-axis machine, creating multiple setups to handle these complex details can take hours.

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