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Low volume manufacture:

Indirect low volume manufacturing for many companies,low quantities of components are required annually , or indeed the production quantities are not know for a new product,by using low volume production techniques such as vacuum casting,or RIM casting, components can be produced quickly with the minimum of investment.


For example, to produce 50 small enclosures in an impact resistant,VO rated ABS or PP or PC or PMMA or Rubber like material of various colours would typically cost $ 10,000 for tooling and molding and injection,By using low volume production techniques via vacuum casting, The initial cost would be typically $1,000 ,Resulting in a 80% saving, as well as plastic companents , our wax injection molding into silicone tooling can produce low quantities of wax components to be cacrificially cast, in a variety of metals via the lost wax investment casting process ,


Why spend thousands of pounds on production tooling when there is a much more cost effective?Quicker route?
Production representative parts in a very short time period, as little as 2-3 days from approval of a master model.
The ability to closely match a wide range of production materials including ABS, PP,PC , Nylon, Rubber etc.
A wide range of colours are available, as well as water clear. Other features that can be accommodated include heat resistant, fire retardant and live hinge.

Intricate components can be produced with a wall thickness as low as 0.4mm, as can highly complex insert moldings.
Over moldings can be undertaken, allowing plastics, rubbers and metal to be incorporated into one component.
Ideal for low volume production runs where conventional injection mold tooling would be prohibitively expensive.
The ability to produce up to 200 waxes from a tool for use in investment casting.

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