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Job Specification:
Project: QOROS Auto Lamp “Reflector_TI_Basic”“Lens_TI_Basic”
Processes: Mold Manufacturing & Plastic Injection Molding
Materials: P20 (Old Mold Base); Ultem AUT200 natur And Lexan XHT 4143-NA5D003T  (Apec 1695 ) (Part)
Lead Time: 18days
Quantity: 500-1000Units
Vowin is the first Factory Discovery and used The Most Cheapest and The most fastest way to make 50 to 1000+ Injection Molded Parts used Prototype Molds(Old mold base Service) to make it.
Prototype Molds Introduce and Advantage:
Prototype molds process allows us to create molds for simple to complex parts, in short lead times and with attractive costs. Prototype Molds  parts are ideal for one-off to hundreds of parts.
For Prototype Molds we typically use Old mold base to make a complete stand-alone mold. We can add custom cooling circuits, hot tips, and other refinements to aid with the production of technical resins or complex geometries. For polished or high-gloss parts, we use P20, a polishing stainless steel.
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Delivery fast – in 12 days the mold was finished and the first Designer and Project Specs:
Vowin have Join the Euro mold show On Germany Sep,2013.ZKW Group (ZKW is the biggest of supplier of BMW,QOROS,AUDI,BENZ light.the have many factory all over the world)People have visit us and talk with us long time.after come back from Mold.ZKW have send us the inquiry.we give the prices with short time,After ZKW Group Decide to Visit our Factory and Discuss the project,
After ZKW Group Bernd Helfrich ,Franco Stancati  Visit  us . And we have Discuss almost one day.From The discuss. We know .This Project Lights Are for a new Model of QOROS,They just make design and Test of the car. So the QTY are not big. Only need abuot 500pcs.,As they know Vowin have good Experience of Automative area. Vowin have work with Landrover ,Jaguar Audi,Johnson Control ,Nifco, more than 10years. During the meeting. The most  Difficult is  this parts is for the car light,must ber esistance high temperature about 800Degree and the surface finish must Clear.So We decide Ultem AUT200 natur And Lexan XHT 4143-NA5D003T  (Apec 1695 ) to make it.Also after finish the mold .the mold need export to Austria。  Austria12 days the mold was
How the Part / Individual Components Were Made
Step 1: Review of Project
Having discussed the client’s needs in full and carried out a review at 3design, we were able to offer a tangible solution. We promised to manufacture two injection mold tools and deliver production quality parts within 18 days. All parts had to be ‘as designed’, no alterations or design concessions could be made as every sharp corner, rib and boss was essential to assembly. Vowin Prototype specializes in making prototype and low-volume molds including all the part details that the customer will want when he goes to full-volume production.
Step 2: Review of the Design & Building the Molds
Due to the nature of the project we needed two molds.Both 2 mold are 1+1 tool,, we used Vowin’s standard mold insert system, using Old mold base. Our ‘ready-to-go’ mold inserts fit into a common master base. This frees us up to focus on just the core, cavity, and ejector system. This system reduces costs and lead time to our clients – all without compromising quality.
Step 3: Mold Build;
Both molds were made from Old mold base. Using Old mold base offers several advantages over traditional mold materials: Lower costs, faster CNC machining, and greater thermal characteristics when molding – to name but a few. We selected our mold materials at the RFQ stage based upon customer requirements. For larger production quantities or aggressive resins we would have chosen different materials such as P20 (old mold base)tool steel.
Step 4: Plastic Injection Molding
We were ready for production of the first samples and installed the mold inserts into our standard mold base. Afterwards the standard mold base was fitted into the injection molding machine.
The tool was a straight draw. Molding took place automatically and with faster cycle times as no operator intervention was required during molding.
All parts were delivered to the customer on time allowing them to assemble Car. Oh, we nearly forgot, the project other 7 parts make in Vowin too, but that’s another story for another time!
Step 5:Make test report and Expoer Mold
After finish injection Parts. We need Make many kindly of document to Customer,and we used Exort Wooden box to Package it.
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