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Silicone Rubber Mold and Vacuum Casting is for short-run production and soft rubber part manufacturing. Firstly, a master model is made by CNC or SLA and polished to the final surface finish of the part for Silicone Rubber Mold making. Normally, one Silicone Rubber Mold can produce up to about 20 parts and it depends on the design complexity of the part and casting material. Many materials with simulant properties of real engineering plastic materials are available for vacuum casting. The casting part can be colored in the' target='_blank'>mold cavity to avoid painting, and specific Shore hardness of rubber part is available as per requirements.

Benefit of Vacuum Casting
Ability to create large parts (up to 48” x 96”)
Relatively fast prototyping and production time frames, sometimes as quickly as 4 weeks
Lower start up costs — patterns and molds can be made inexpensively from MDF, high density foams and epoxy
Ideal for repeat jobs — aluminum castings can be made which have virtually unlimited lifetimes
Good price point on small and medium runs

Benefit of Silicone Rubber Mold
Easy and safe to use, and have a fairly long library life
Not only can be used for mold making, but also could be used as casting material
Very fast on making, short sets time
Can be used to reproduce almost anything without harm to surfaces–often without requiring a release agent.
Silicone molds replicate without the loss of the intricacies of the original

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