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Silicone' target='_blank'>mold (also called vacuum casting) is one of the ways to make prototype in small batch. Using one set of silicone' target='_blank'>mold can make more than 20 pieces the same products. The prototype material can be PP, PC, ABS, PMMA, POM, high temperature resistant material, soft rubber, silicone rubber and so on.  

The advantage of this silicone molding is that the time is fast, the cost is little, the probability of failure is small. Silicone mold small batch vacuum casting production process can be divided into three steps.

1. Before making silicone mold, need to produce a prototype. Making prototype usually use more common ABS materials. CNC machining, 3D printing and mud sculpture are the common ways to make the prototype.

2. After prototype is ready, then to start making silicone mold. Using board to surround the prototype, and pour the vacuum silica gel into the board surrounding area, until the silica gel covers the prototype.

3. Put the mold into the oven for baking. Eight hours after drying, the silica gel cutting open, remove the prototype. At this time the silicone mold ready.

4. After vacuum pumping the silicone mold, then pour the required material into silicone mold, until the mold cavity is filled out. After cooling, take the prototype out of the silicone mold. Then the prototype is done.

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