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OEM CNC Prototype Service Plastic Rapid toy prototype making

Product Name
children toy rubber prototype, yellow Silicon Prototype, Shore A 30 prototype
Material Available
Plastic--ABS,PC,PMMA,PA(Nylon), Rubber, Silicone,etc.
Metal--Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Sheet Metal
Surface treatment
paint, polish, silk-screen printing, anodize, electronic plate, sandblast, translucent
surface, brush, rubber paint, ect.
Available Format
The fields we serve
Electronic digital
Medical devices
Auto parts
Household appliances
Kitchen wares   
cnc' target='_blank'>machining cnc prototype
Available Service
Industrial desigGuangdong best prototype supplier cheap cnc plastic prototype 
CNC rapid prototypin
SLA/SLS 3D rapid prototype service
Injection Molding service
Silicone mold(vacuum casting)& rapid tooling   
silicone mold vacuum casting
Our Advantages
1.Good quality and Reasonable price
2.Fast lead time  

3.Advanced technology and equipment.
4.Responsible for any quality problems from us.
Fast Contact
Sales Jennie: Skype: JennieHe518  cheap cnc plastic prototype services

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We Chat: Crystal
We Chat: Crystal
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We Chat: Phil

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