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Energy Absorption EPP 
Structral Strength EPP 
Light Wight EPP 
Thermal Isulation EPP 
Recyclabe EPP


Advantage for EPP(the main feature):
1.Excellent heat-resistance property: the highest available temperature is 130°C, much higher than EPS and EPE.

2.The dimension of EPP product is very stable.

3.The lower weight: as the relative density is small, the same foaming ratio is small than other foaming materials.

4.Excellent buffering property: good toughness and hardness.

5.Wide range of temperature: it still has good cushioning property below 40°C.

6.Good adiabaticity and floatability: among 8~45 times, all materials have good cushioning property and heat insulting property.

7.Anti oil and anti chemicals EPP is closed and independent bead, low heat conductivity and low water absorption rate, with these characters, it can be used as heat –insulating material and floating material.

8.High quality of anti oil and anti chemicals.

9.No toxic, it doesnot contain poisonous foamer and assistant, it is harmless to human beings.

10.High energy absorbing: EPP has good quality of toughness, and it won’t be fatigue after repeated usage..

11.Environmental protection: the EPP wrong crosslinking foaming body, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, can be recycled, Saving energy and resources.

12.Long service life and application of a PMC aspect, can be in logistics multiple recycling


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