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VALIDATED Aluminum Anodizing

The Vowin provides the safest non-burning aluminum anodizing process for hard coating aluminum. Our aluminum anodizing produces superior wear and abrasion resistance, compared to conventional hardcoat, and it is available in several different colors. Unlike plating, which is 100% buildup, ECO's aluminum anodizing is 50% penetration and 50% buildup.


Anodized Aluminum - Available in Colors

• MIL-A-8625 Type II & III
• ASTM B-580
• AMS 2469
• AMS 2471
• AMS 2472
Aluminum Anodizing Process Validated
Typical applications of aluminum anodizing include:
• Surgical Cases & Trays • Surgical Instrument Handles • Dental Components • Jet engine control valves, pistons and gears• Race housings for bearings • Screw threads for hydraulic jacks • Aircraft landing gear components • Spraying systems & equipment • Marine and architectural hardware • Medical handling and processing equipment • Textile machinery • Nuclear equipment • Food processing & handling equipment

Hardness / Wearability

Our hard anodizing process is the hardest anodic coating available, with greater abrasion resistance than conventional anodizing. Thicknesses range from .0001 - .003” (.00254 - .0762 mm) on many alloys, and meet abrasion resistance requirements of MIL-A-8625F Type III.

You can color-code parts to simplify assembly procedures and to reduce assembly and installation errors, or to enhance the appearance of trim and decorative hardware.
  Aluminum Anodizing Color Samples
Aluminum Alloys for Anodizing
Anodizing is recommended for virtually all aluminum alloys. Difficulties can arise if an order of components is manufactured from different alloys, and this is not made known to the anodizer. Each aluminum alloy has a different rate of penetration and buildup. If different alloys are processed together, different thicknesses of oxide are formed on the different alloys. This can result in "out of tolerance" components.
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