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About EPP materials



* excellent buffering property,high energy absorption with low weight,good toughness and won't be fatigue after repeated usage


* high resilience following static and dynamic loading


* low heat conductivity and low water absorption rate, with these characters, it can be used as heat insulating material and floating material


High thermal stability.

* functions reliable over a wide range of temperature ,from -40 up to max. +120 centigrade,much higher than EPS and EPE

* good heat insulating properties


Isotropic deformation performance .

* isotropic deformation performance independent of the direction of impact


essentially unchanged energy absorption after repeated impact load


* moulding density adjustable to meet specific requirements



* low weight of EPP material ,as the relative density is small, the same foaming ratio is small than other foaming materials



* no toxic, it doesn't contain poisonous foamer and assistant, it is not harmful to people's health

* good resistance to chemicals and oils


* odourless and detergent resistant


* dishwasher-proof


* easy to clean and sterilize

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