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Abrasion resistance

The wear resistance of UHMWPE ranks first among plastics and exceeds certain metals. Compared with other engineering plastics, the mortar abrasion index of UHMWPE is only 1/5 of PA66, and 1/10 of HEPE and PVC; compared with metals, it is 1/7 of carbon steel, 1/27 of brass. Such high abrasion resistance makes it difficult to test the degree of abrasion resistance by the general plastic abrasion test method, so a mortar abrasion test device is specially designed. The wear resistance of UHMWPE is directly proportional to the molecular weight. The higher the molecular weight, the better the wear resistance.

Impact resistance
The impact strength of UHMWPE is among the best in most engineering plastics. The impact strength of UHMWPE is about twice that of impact-resistant PC, 5 times that of ABS, and more than 10 times that of POM and PBTP. The impact resistance is so high that it is difficult to break it using the usual impact test method. Its impact strength increases with the increase of molecular weight, reaching the maximum when the molecular weight is 1.5 million, and then gradually decreases as the molecular weight continues to increase. It is worth pointing out that it can also maintain excellent impact strength in liquid nitrogen (-195°C), a feature that other plastics do not have. In addition, it has higher surface hardness in repeated impacts..

To Self-lubricating
UHMWPE has a very low friction factor (0.05~0.11), so it has excellent self-lubricating properties. The dynamic friction factor of UHMWPE is 1/2 of PA66 and POM under water lubrication conditions, which is second only to polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) under non-lubricated conditions; when it works in a sliding or rotating form, it is better than steel and brass. The lubricity after lubricating oil is even better. Therefore, in the field of tribology, UHMWPE is praised as a friction material with very ideal cost/performance.

To Shock absorption
UHMWPE has excellent impact energy absorption, and the impact energy absorption value is very high in most plastics, so the noise damping performance is very good, and it has an excellent sound cut effect.
1. We are factory providing CNC service and machining plastic parts
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