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Product Description


Material   [Metal]Aluminum,steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,brass,copper,bronze,brass,copper,bronze,Titanium,magnesium,zinc
[Plastic]ABS,POM,PE,PP,PVC,PC,PMMA,Teflon, nylon, resin
[Others]Carbon fiber, wood substitute, electric wood, rubber
Processing CNC' target='_blank'>machining/turning/' target='_blank'>milling/drilling/grinding/die casting molding/injection molding /3D printing/vacuum casting
Equipment  CNC machining center (3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis)/CNC lathe/CNC engraving and milling machine/CNC drilling and tapping machine /3D printer/CNC grinding machine/CNC milling machine/CNC milling machine 
Surface treatment  burring, polishing, sandblasting, anodizing, anodizing, brush painting, powder coating, electroplating, galvanizing, silk-screen printing, mirror polishing, drawing, heat treatment, UV, laser carving, etching, coating glue, water transfer printing
Tolerance +/-0.005mm-0.1mm
Type of Drawings  IGS,STP,STEP,PRT,XTL
Application new projects test, cars, electronics, cell phones, machinery, industrial parts
Certified SGS / BV
Inspection 100% inspection before shipment (provide inspection report and material certificate)
Test equipment  CMM,micrometer, screw thread through stop gauge, caliper, electronic height gauge, etc
PACKING  [Wooden cases or cartons]1. Take plastic bags and use pearl cotton packaging. 2.Pack in cartons. 3.Seal the cartons with tape. 4. Provided by DHL and FEDEX. 5. According to customer requirements.
SHIPPING DATE 3-7Days(According to quantity and requirements)
DELIVERY  DHL,EMS,UPS OR Fedex(fast and safe)
Payment T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, PAYPAL, WU, Money Gram, etc
Advantage Competitive factory price and excellent quality
Professional and experienced technical team
Focus on high precision nc machining and consistently meet strict tolerance requirements
Low MOQ and free samples
Short delivery (3-7 working days)
BV quality certification and materials in accordance with Rohs standards
What cn we do prototype model, CNC machining, sheet metal , low volume production, 3D printing, rapid mold,



Our service


What can we do?

According to your drawings and technical requirements, we can offer you metal CNC machining parts.
We can also do surface treatment, such as anodizing, polishing, powder coating, electroplating
In addition, our professional engineers can provide reasonable Suggestions for your drawing and manufacturing technology.





Process & Material


CNC machining

New processing technology, processing program can be made fully functional parts all the necessary functions, including threaded hole and threaded hole and accurate flat surface



 Milling                                              Lathe pieces                                 

Application of mechanical processing surfaces,           Can generate complex external geometry 

or used to create complex 3 d shape                            and  inner hole





Aluminum alloy  
√ 7075   √ 1060   √ 5052     √ 2A12       √ ADC12   √ 6030
Zinc alloy  
√ 201
Magnesium alloy  
√ AZ91D
Titanium alloy 
√ Pure titanium     √ TC4
Stainless steel  
√ 201 √ 310 √ 316 √ 304 √ 303    
Alloy steel 
√ 65 mn steel     √ 40 cr steel        √ 45 # steel 
Low carbon steel  
√ Cold rolled steel    √ A3 steel   √ industrial pure  iron
√ H59 √ H62 
√ T2 √ T3 
Sheet metal   
Copper Brass Sheet Metal CNC Rapid Prototyping With Electroplating Passivated,Customized high quality sheet metal bending parts /metal prototype,cnc milling machine part sheet metal prototype,OEM precision metal cnc spare parts high reflective aluminum sheet prototype,CNC machining 6061 aluminum part Sheet Metal Fabrication prototyping
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