Working with a Tool and Fixture Shop

Release time:2018-08-31

A tool and fixture shop can provide a variety of different services that make it possible to improve your company’s bottom line. While tool and fixture shops are often associated with the production of final products, such shops can also provide a variety of other beneficial services.

Among those services is reverse engineering. In many instances, the parts on a unique, expensive piece of equipment can wear out. The cost to replace the entire system can often be prohibitive. The matter may be further complicated if the equipment in question is a legacy system. When such problems arise, it is necessary to manufacture a replacement to the broken part. This is precisely where a tool and fixture shop can help. By producing a replica of the broken part, it is possible for the equipment to remain functional without the hassle and expense of replacing it.

Businesses of all sizes can also benefit from the ability of a tool and fixture shop to produce tools and molds that are ideal for supporting supply chain management and logistics. Whether the project in question is large or small, an experienced tool and fixture shop can offer the production tooling and molding services necessary to integrate beautifully with final assembly operations.

In choosing a tool and fixture shop, it is important to determine how long the shop has been in business, whether they use the latest and most advanced equipment and technology, and how responsive the shop is to the needs of the client

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