With a definite advantage through a strong partnership with the best prototype lighting supplier, Globaltech Ventures offers energy saving lighting solutions for a broad range of industries. Whether the customer needs LED lighting, a retrofit product, lighting controls, or tooling for installation and repair, the company offers outstanding services.

Vowin works with the best prototype lighting supplier according to the customer’s needs. In order to do this, partnerships have been established with top-notch companies in China, Japan, and India, as well as the United States. Collectively, these professionals offer more than 100 years of stellar service in design, development, and manufacturing.

This company has become one of the world’s leading product designers, developers, and manufacturers of products to including lighting components and tooling. The team of professionals can take an existing design provided by the customer to develop a superior product or work with the client to transform a concept into a viable design.

The combination of innovation coupled with a strong commitment and ethical business practices is how Globaltech Ventures succeeds and helps the customer achieve success as well. Thanks to conventional and state-of-the-art prototyping and manufacturing services, along with expertise, the next generation of lighting solutions is put into production.

Examples of Services Provided

The right prototype lighting supplier has the ability to build retrofit, lighting control tools, and easy calculators according to the customer’s needs. For instance, a linear fluorescent retrofit calculator is a simple yet powerful tool used to evaluate an existing lighting system. In addition, this tool is designed to provide upgrade options based on energy savings, fewer lamps, and longer lamp life.

Other tools manufactured by a prototype lighting supplier include:

  • Energy Estimator – This tool calculates energy savings gained with re-lamping an existing lighting system
  • Life Cycle Cost Estimator – Cycle cost for two different lamps is compared
  • Appropriate Light per Application – With this tool, lighting options can be compared for a specific application. By making a side-by-side comparison, an estimate as to which system is more energy efficient and environmentally safe can be determined.

Key Benefits

There are numerous benefits to working with an expert prototype lighting supplier to include:

  • A perfect prototype that can be analyzed and tested for inferiority or design flaws
  • Significant cost savings for both small and large production runs
  • A repeatable model that can be used for future manufacturing needs