What Tool Is Good For Titanium Machining ?

Release time:2018-08-31

What tool is good for titanium machining ?

Because of its low thermal conductivity, low plasticity, and high work hardening tendency, titanium machining have high cutting force and high cutting temperature during machining, which results in easy wear of tools and reduced life. Therefore, it is necessary to use tool materials with good hardness and high wear resistance.
1. High speed steel grade
2. Aluminum high-speed steel
3. High Cobalt High Speed Steel Corresponds to U.S. Material Grade M42
4. Powder metallurgy high-speed steel This type of steel has a carbon content close to that of the balance carbon, and can obtain high hardness after quenching (HRC65-75)
Hard alloy grades! Roughing selects YG8 and other finishing options =. YP15, etc.

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