Analysis Of Material Characteristics Used By Oem Cnc Machining Parts

Release time:2018-08-31

Many friends in the process of making  oem cnc machining parts, it is not clear what materials are suitable, the material characteristics and application range of the  oem cnc machining parts processing, let us understand the characteristics of the material to find more suitable materials when selecting materials.
Aluminum parts: It is a cold-processed aluminum forged product with high surface quality. It is suitable for applications with high corrosive and oxidizing requirements. It has good workability, easy coating and good processability.
ABS prototypes: temperature resistance: 70-80 ° C, characteristics: strength, toughness, general scope: electronic equipment shell hand;
PMMA Acrylic prototypes: Temperature resistance: 60-80°C, characteristics: high transparency, poor strength and toughness, excellent antistatic function, excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance, resistance to chemical solvents, low gas volatile flame retardant rating -94:HB, Scope of application: electrical liquid crystal shell prototypes;
POM racing steel prototypes: temperature resistance: 90-110 ° C, characteristics: strength, toughness, hardness, applicable range: mechanical gear rotating parts ;
PA nylon prototypes: temperature resistance: 100-130 ° C, characteristics: strength toughness, hardness, not easy to polish, the scope of application: rice cooker, electric iron appliance products prototypes;
PC prototypes: temperature resistance: 90-110 ° C, characteristics: translucent, hardness, strength, toughness, general scope: rice cooker, electric iron heat high parts prototypes;
Bakelite prototypes: temperature resistance: 150-180 ° C, characteristics: strength, toughness is worse than ABS, high mechanical strength, superior wear resistance, intermediate electrical insulation, scope of application: fixture, switchboard, mechanical parts, test bench, SMT technology work surface;
Transparent PVC prototypes: Features: high surface hardness, excellent scratch resistance, surface resistance value of 106 ~ 108Ω, excellent anti-static function, impact resistance and chemical solvent resistance, outstanding appearance, very smooth and smooth transmittance of 80% or more The flame retardant grade is UL-94: V-0; application areas: equipment cover, dust box, test fixture and so on.

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