What Is The Key To The Development Of Rapid Prototyping Companies?

Release time:2018-08-31

What is the key to the development of rapid prototyping companies?

The key to the development of rapid prototyping companies is to use information technology to drive and enhance the manufacturing technology of the CNC rapid prototype industry. At present, the application of CAD/CAE/CAM technology and rapid model manufacturing technology in the CNC rapid prototype Industry has brought about major changes in the design and manufacturing technology of CNC rapid prototype. In addition, the application of CNC precision and high-efficiency processing equipment in the development and manufacturing level of CNC rapid prototype, such as five-axis machining tools, high-speed milling, etc., has greatly improved the development level of the CNC rapid prototype industry.


The informationization of rapid prototyping companies refers to how the rapid prototyping companies coordinate with the surrounding environmental conditions, develop and make good use of information resources, and enable production and business activities to operate with high quality and efficiency through the timely processing of information and smooth circulation. For the CNC quick turn prototype manufacturing industry, its information content mainly includes digitization, integration, flexibility, intelligence of the CNC hand-prototype manufacturing, virtualization of the manufacturing process, and networking and globalization of the manufacturing process. The

As we all know, most of the CNC rapid prototype companies are small and medium sized enterprises, and most of them are from hand-workshop-style enterprises. At present, there are still many CNC rapid prototype enterprises in the domestic CNC rapid prototype industry adopting workshop-style management methods. Problems with delivery, cost, and quality control are constantly emerging. It is therefore not uncommon for orders to be delayed or lost orders to lose customers.


In the face of fierce market competition and backward enterprise management methods and levels, the management and technical personnel in CNC rapid prototype enterprises can only be busy to deal with. CAD/CAE/CAM systems and high-end CNC processing equipment imported by enterprises with huge investments are also difficult to play. It should have its own efficiency and level. Therefore, most CNC rapid prototyping manufacturers lack the vitality and market competitiveness that are comparable to their production hardware.


Of course, these problems have also attracted a great deal of attention from CNC rapid prototype's business operators who are aiming to enter the international CNC market. Undoubtedly, how to improve the level of enterprise management and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises has become the most important issue for the CNC rapid prototype manufacturing industry to participate in the international market competition.


Therefore, CNC rapid prototype manufacturing companies need to improve their management level, have the ability to react quickly and adjust in time, and it is difficult to achieve information management without a set of advanced management systems. Through information construction, the realization of integrated management of CNC rapid prototyping manufacturing enterprises is an effective way to promote enterprises to improve their business management.


Unlike other manufacturing industries, the CNC rapid prototype is a typical single-item production industry. Every order or every CNC prototypee requires detailed business and technical communication with customers. Otherwise, it may cause serious problems. As a consequence, the loss is difficult to estimate. Therefore, in essence, CNC rapid prototype products are the most important activities for CNC rapid prototype enterprises, and the production process is subordinate to CNC rapid prototype products and changes with the development of CNC rapid prototype products. As a result, the basics of CNC rapid prototype's enterprise informationization have turned into the informationization of the CNC rapid prototype itself.


The use of CNC rapid prototype manufacturing information management system can provide enterprises with a shared, consistent, and faithful process monitoring platform. In the information system, through the project planning and process monitoring, the entire life cycle of CNC rapid prototype (from order determination to model design, raw material procurement, processing and production, first trial mode, to the CNC prototype modification and on-time delivery) can be performed in real time management. The management personnel at the production line can directly report the actual progress of the CNC production in the system. The system faithfully monitors every task of the project process. When a control point is delayed, the system will automatically send an alarm email to the relevant Personnel so that they can be discovered and resolved early. Moreover, for some key tasks, it is also possible for the system to give early warning so that relevant personnel can be prepared and arranged early. Moreover, the promotion of informationization by CNC rapid prototyping manufacturers has unexpected benefits in terms of increasing their productivity, reducing production costs, and improving product quality.


Through the actual information process of some CNC rapid prototype companies, we can understand that, if CNC informatization of hand-saw manufacturing can be effectively combined with management improvement, it can further promote the standardization of enterprise management, improve the operational efficiency and market competitiveness of enterprises, and put the management personnel of enterprises into consideration. Freed from complicated and repetitive labor.


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