What are the characteristics of the CNC Shouban model processing?

Release time:2018-09-03

    The first is the CNC machining center of the process characteristics, it is characterized as follows: as far as possible in a folder to complete the milling, drilling, boring, hinge, tapping and other multi-process processing;

    CNC Shouban model made of materials: ABS: transparent ultra-high temperature, black, imported, domestic and so on. POM, PMMA, MC, PP, PA, PVC and so on. Aluminum, copper and so on.

     After the workpiece has been clamped once, the digital control system can control the machine according to different processes, automatically select and replace the tool, automatically change the machine spindle speed, feed and tool relative to the workpiece movement trajectory and other auxiliary functions, On the multi-process processing, the entire process by the program automatically control, not affected by the operator's human factors.

    Forming characteristics: forming large size, high strength, good toughness, fast, while the cost is relatively low.

    Usually on the workpiece on both sides of the upper and lower processing, special circumstances will be on the workpiece three, four, five or six sides for processing. In the process of processing, we will keep the product (workpiece) around the basket of viscose water, with a basket of bone on the product (workpiece) fixed, pouring plaster on the product (workpiece) positioning, processing products (workpiece) and CNC Work table will not have a bonding effect, better to ensure that the processed products (work) will not be deformed and the product (workpiece) level accurate.
    Followed by the process to determine the program should pay attention to the problem:
    (1) to determine the use of CNC machining center processing content, to determine the installation of the workpiece base, processing base, processing margin, etc., in order to give full play to the efficiency of CNC model processing center for the purpose of scheduling processing.
    (2) for complex parts, due to the process will produce thermal deformation, quenching will produce internal stress, parts will be deformed after a variety of reasons, so the whole process is difficult to complete after a clamping You can consider two or more times when clamping.
    (3) arrangements for the processing process should be in line with the principle of thickening. First to arrange the re-cutting, roughing, remove the blank on the processing margin, and then arrange the processing accuracy of the content is not demanding
    (4) the use of large flow of cooling, in order to reduce the processing of a large amount of heat generated on the processing accuracy of the impact, in order to improve tool durability, need to actively use large flow of cooling.
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