Are firms taking advantage of rapid prototyping model today?

Release time:2018-09-03
Many companies are already reaping the rewards of investment in 3D printing technology, and growth rates continue to be impressive.

As the reliability of rapid prototyping model improves and the number of used cases increases, mainstream manufacture—rather than one-offs and rapid prototyping—is becoming more common. This is especially true in the medical, aerospace and consumer sectors.

3D printing has been used in a lot for prototypes, but when will we see it being used for “real” consumer products?

3D printing is already being used for real products, not just prototypes. Currently, the leading edge industries are medical, dental, automotive and aeronautical.

Customisation and “prosumerism”—whereby consumers become proactively involved in the design of a product that specifically fits their requirements—is a prominent feature of 3D printing and may become a must-have for business in certain sectors.

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