Stereolithography Apparatus(SLA)

Release time:2018-09-05


SLA is the most accurate and versatile rapid prototyping technology. SLA prototypes are constructed from a liquid photopolymer that is selectively cured using an ultraviolet laser.

Due to the accuracy of this processreproduce fine details, SLA models are perfect for use as concept models, form-and-fit studies, functional testing, and as master patterns for a variety of molding techniques.

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  • It is the original Rapid Prototyping technique, and still the most commonly used.
  • It is comparatively low-cost.
  • It utilizes a light-sensitive liquid polymer.
  • It requires post-curing since laser is not intense enough to fully cure.
  • Extended curing can cause warping.
  • Parts are somewhat brittle and have a tacky surface.
  • There is no milling process, so dimensional accuracy can suffer.
  • Support structures are typically required.
  • The process is simple: Neither milling nor masking steps are required.
  • Uncured material should be expected to emit toxic fumes. Thorough ventilation is necessary.


  • When a low number of prototypes is needed (1-10).
  • Form and fit testing.
  • Functional testing (for example, snap-fit).
  • Plastic piece rapid-tooling patterns.
  • Metal piece rapid-tooling patterns.
  • Focus group and presentation models.

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