Overmold Rapid Tooling

Release time:2019-05-07

ProtoTool & Injection Molding

PROJECT – Fabricate low-volume tooling and deliver 30' target='_blank'>mold parts to client for testing using the same material that will be used in eventual high-volume production tooling.

ISSUE – Very short time line of two weeks to fabricate two tools, runs parts and ship to client.

SOLUTION – Tight time line management and detailed communication to ensure no time is lost.

RESULT – Parts delivered to client within 12 days of client green lighting project. Part quality exceeded expectations.

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Project Summary

This project was the true definition of a rapid tooling project. Time line below:

RFQ – HLH receives an RFQ for 2 tools and parts. Recommendations to client by HLH is to make adjustments on radius and injection mold points – 1 Day.

DFM – Client reviews and accepts HLH recommendations per DFM report provided by HLH – 1 Day.

DAY 1 – Project starts, client confirms drawings and mold fabrication begins.

DAY 12 – HLH runs test parts and ships to client.

Day 14 – Client receives parts.

SERVICE:  Rapid Tooling and Injection molding part run

QUANTITY:  Tools – 30 Parts


FINISHING:  Straight From Mold

LEAD TIME:  14 Days

This project was a success because both parties communicated effectively and made decisions quickly.

Rapid projects require quick decisions to hit time lines. Decisions that are made need to be acted on same day.


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