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3D Printing Technology Is About To Change Ten Things In The Future

Release time:2019-07-10
3D printing technology turned out, perhaps for many deep traditional manufacturing enterprises nervous. But in fact, the traditional industry should face the convenience of 3D printing technology, its essence is not to but also does not subvert the traditional manufacturing, only through a new model to better for traditional manufacturing services. All of the traditional manufacturing industry, is now in the transformation of 3D printing technology.

1 China is no longer the world factory

Now, almost all goods are printed with "China manufacturing". However, in the future, with the development of 3D printing technology and the popularity of local production will become very wide, then China will lose the status of "world factory". Even the "Harvard Business Review" accepted this, a few years ago on the article points out, 3D printing, will make those countries with technical and cost advantages, back on the road of industrial production.

2 Mass Customization

The essence of 3D printing technology, makes mass customization possible. The same product whether it is printing 500 different styles, 500 different products or print the same style, 3D printer can do. In the traditional mode of production, the design cost is very expensive. Use 3D to print, as long as the software design, the designer can modify almost zero cost design, makes mass customization possible.

3 produced hitherto unknown parts

The traditional mode of production, parts of more complex, the higher the price. More complex parts must also be divided into many parts manufacturing, and relates to the assembling process of extra. The 3D printing technology can solve these problems, the production speed, low production cost, and complex shape is not a problem.

4 new materials emerging

The change of production technology, will promote the development of material technology, which is in the 3D printing technology is particularly prominent. But for thirty or forty years the advent of 3D printing technology, printing materials have tens of thousands of species. In the future, there will be more new material, meet the requirements of the development of production technology.

More than 5 products

More advanced 3D printer can also print a variety of materials, sintering, melting and mixing, metal, plastic and glass and other materials can appear in the same print products. With the development of production technology, the 3D printer will be able to integrate more and more materials, so future products will have a variety of material.

6 to reduce consumption of resources

As everyone knows, 3D printer manufacturing products, with the same strength and durability and use less raw materials. Therefore, the future of industrial production in the consumption of resources will reduce the production cost is reduced accordingly.

7 production speed

3D printing technology has made many companies in the production of prototype products, no longer need to experience the' target='_blank'>mold structure is complex and time-consuming stage, which will greatly shorten the production time. One can in a day or even a few hours of design, print and modify the product, until the final completion.

8 industrial production more environmentally friendly

3D printing technology not only save energy but also saves the transportation of products, so the future industrial production will become more environmentally friendly. In the future, people may be auto 3D printing factory in the town of production themselves directly to the factory to withdraw the car. This mode of production also saves storage costs, not only that, the development of environmentally friendly materials, will eventually make industrial production become more environmentally friendly.

9 mixed production

Not long ago, a news report is a comprehensive integrated machine 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC machine tool. 3D printing is, in most cases the need, the printing was processed, and the advantages of CNC machine tools this is so, the two can complement each other. From the future industrial production will be integrated a variety of technology, obtain the optimized production technology.

10 supply chain change

Application of 3D printing technology more and more, local production network is gradually forming, supply chain and supply mode will also change. Some of the supply chain will change, some may disappear. As long as there is a 3D printer, raw materials and design software, manufacturers will need to rely on the traditional supply chain, commodity can be produced locally. The future of the supply chain must change to adapt to the trend of the development of 3D printing.
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