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Manufacture Complex Components by CNC Machining

Release time:2019-09-04

CNC Machining Services


CNC' target='_blank'>machining is widely used in manufacturing complex shape, high precision components. The' target='_blank'>machining list by CNC includes:


1. Enclosure machining(case accessories)

Enclosure usually has many cavities inside, which is designed as container to carry complex components in industry such as automobile industry and aviation industry. Automobile engine cylinder, Gearbox, Machine tool main Axle Box, Diesel engine cylinder, Gear pump Shell, are some representatives of enclosure.


2. Parts with complex curved surfaces

As the weight or other special requirements, for some industries, their designer dedicated to make their product small and delicate, which the components usually come out with complex curved surfaces. These surfaces would be difficult to machine in the past, but now, they are easy to achieve by CNC technique.


3. Irregular shape parts

Irregular shape part always combines most point, line, surface multi-station mix machining. To this kind of parts, CNC machining shows its great advantages.


4. Prototype sample

We can manufacture not only large volume customized parts by CNC machining but also small volume or prototype sample. Benefits from CNC machining, we can get a real prototype sample to verify the design.

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