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Two methods to produce mold by rapid prototyping company

Release time:2019-09-04

Rapid Prototype (RP) is the physical modelling of the design using some unique and special class of latest technology. This system is used to produce quick models and prototype parts from the 3D computer-aided design (CAD) model data, data created from 3D object digitizing systems, and CT and MRI scan data.

Using an additional method to build up the shapes, this system combines powder, liquid and sheet materials to produce physical objects. Step by step and layer by layer, RP machine invent wood, plastic, ceramic and other metal parts using thin and horizontal cross sections from the system model. Some researchers state that free form of fabrication (FFF) will describe this latest technology more accurately and expands its application as fast prototyping.

As the developing technology, this RP definition is not always be clear and understandable. The advances in the use of this latest technology' target='_blank'>rapid tooling are that there are 2 different categories exist.

One method involves the indirect methods that may use RP latest methods to produce mold. Example: silicone rubber tooling and 3D Keltool from 3D systems.

Whereas the second method includes, it is a direct approach where the RP machine forms the actual core and cavity mold inserts.

There are as many as 22 companies globally are available that produces and sells RP systems. In addition to that, the large number of new RP developments is on its way to the corporations and the government labs all around the world. Recently, the increase in the number of RP manufacturing companies is unpredictable in the US alone. With this growing technology, it will be the great package in the future’s viable products. But this RP’s growth and technology also affected the state of the CAD industry.

This CAD solid modelling, the fuel that increases RP sales has begun its growth phase. With this much of increase in growth of this RP technology, this system will have the new opportunities and sales team in the future generation even within a short period of time. The role of solid modelling in the development of markets for rapid prototyping and 3D printing is more unpredictable.


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