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5 Reasons for Choosing Vowin Rapid As Your Mold Maker in China

Release time:2019-09-05

5 Reasons for Choosing Vowin Rapid As Your Mold Maker in China


Injection Mold Maker China


Are you sourcing a China manufacturing company for producing your' target='_blank'>plastic injection' target='_blank'>molding part? Vowin  Rapid is a professional China Mold Maker, we offers high quality parts products to North America and Europe for years. No matter several hundred or 100,000 +, we can help you with!




1.  Lower Tooling and Molding cost: our tooling and molding cost are drastically (40% or even more) lower than U.S factories.

2.  Control Risk: we have quality control system to guarantee the quality. We monitor the production consistently and ensure every project is inspected before shipment.

3.  Good Communication and Transparent Workflow: our engineers have years of working experience and can speak and write fluency English, we will report you the progress timely though photos and videos to show you details you want to know.

4.  Easy to Deal: we have experience with Asian and western business cultures and will insure your complete satisfaction.

5.  Convenience: we ship plastic products and manage custom clearance, we can help you to get your part easily and quickly.

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