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Why Choose SLS 3D Printing?

Release time:2020-04-07

Why would you choose SLS 3D printing as a rapid manufacturing solution? It really depends on your project needs. Do you need fine detail but not functional strength? Do you need a fully functional part that can perform like end-use part? Or do you need manufacturing speed over everything else? To help you determine if SLS 3D printing is a good rapid manufacturing fit for your project here are some benefits of SLS 3D printing for your consideration.

No build support material is needed. Unlike FDM and SLA no support material is required to build SLS parts.This saves time as there is no post process necessary with SLS printing, parts are ready to use right away unless you have chosen to post process finish the part with painting or polishing as examples.  No support structures allows for fine details and while SLS does not offer the finest layer resolution for many projects the layer resolution is quite sufficient. No support structures allow for virtually complete design freedom including internal working parts printed with ease as there is no fear of part breakage during post process because there are no support structures to remove.

Nesting is the ability to print multiple objects at once in a single build with the added ability of printing parts in any orientation. Nesting helps speed up the manufacturing process when multiple copies of the same part are required. It also helps to free up capacity for 3D printing service providers as they can print multiple customer jobs in a single build, which all helps with project time lines.

Strength – SLS 3D printed parts are quite strong and are increasingly being used as end-use parts.

  • Good impact resistance.
  • Good tensile strength

Material properties – Nylon (PA12) is the most common material and comes with some great material property benefits

  • Melting temperature is very high.
  • Chemically resistant to substances such as acetone, petroleum, glycerol, and methanol.
  • Resistant to UV light as well.


If you are still not sure if SLS 3D printing is the right choice for your project needs simply email your files to our rapid project teams and they will review in detail for and with you, making recommendations along the way 

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