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High quality make CNC steel prototype hand electric tool

Release time:2020-06-12

--------------------------------------Our service-------------------------------------------------

  • 3D printing (Stereolithography(SLA))
  • Motor vehicles prototype (Computer Numerical Control)
  • Plastic prototype (Quick Sheet Metal)
  • Hardware prototype (Die Casting)
  • Small batch membrane prototype(Quick Plastic injection)

Prototype application: 

Household products ,Electronic products ,Kitchen products

Medical Device, Automobile parts, Motorcycle parts, Cosmetic packaging boxes, LED parts, Toy models. etc.


Why make prototype?

1) for Exhibition sample

2) Low volume production, make prototype is fast and cheap. 

3) Sample test before make' target='_blank'>mold.


---------------------------------Materials Checking---------------------------------

Materials Applicantion on Auto parts
Steel Gear,Forged Steel,Craftshaft,Automobile plate spring
cylinder block,cyclinder head,piston group,connection rod
automobile semiaxes,cold rolled steel plate,hot rolled plate
intake valve,stiffness and strength of steel plate, steering wheel
Plastic    instrument panel,instument panel core,dashboard cover
Glove box,ashtray,dashboard board bracket,door inside handle
cushion, warm heart lasing,chair,ceiling wai,inner door plate,
car bumper,radiator grille,fender,inlet guider,lamps,
Rubber Tyre,sealing type,transmission,sealing,shock absorber
Ceramic Brake pads,sensor,valve,gate valve tappet,piston
adiabatic heating technology,engine



---------------------Customize all kinds of model-Service----------------------------------

------------------Customize all kinds of model-field of application-------------------

  • Hardware Prototype: Faucet, head shower, bath equipment, Sanitary ware
  • 3D Printing: Jewelry, Shoes, Architect
  • Electric and electronic class prototype: car model, motorcycle model, Massger
  • Motor vehicles: Automobile parts, Motorcycle parts, Instrument bard.
  • Small Batch membrane: LED, Plastic, Tablet ps android
  • Other Products prototype: exhibition samples, testing samples.


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