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Vowin rapid prototype ADVANTAGE

Release time:2021-02-25
  • Cost Saving

1. We are enjoying a good reputation in this Rapid Prototype field, have the stable and reliable material suppliers, have a strict quality-controlling system.


2. Over 100 multi-axis CNC machines, including high precision imported ones; Our own after treatment production line such as painting,silk-screen,plating,sandblasting etc. We have our own testing machines from imported X-Ray fluorescence and CMM testing machines,it will keep customers’ precise tolerance. 


3.Professional engineers and programmers as well high-experience workers,professional inspection person to keep the projects quality,surface finish and function,cosmetic appearance etc.


  • Delivery Time

Different' target='_blank'>machining way has different time, here some lead time for your reference, it is not 100% same with manufacture time, due to different product and post-processing

3D printing: 2-3 lead time, and need to 3-5 days shipping time.

CNC machining, : 5-7 days lead time ,also need to add 3-7 days shipping time.

Vacuum casting need more time, because make silicone mold Vacuum casting: it usually small mass production, so we will make silicone mold firstly, lead time usually 5-10 days.

Sheet metal: if the quantity below 500PCS, then don’t need to make mold, so the lead time will be faster ,usually 7-10 days, but for mass production, we should make mold firstly, it will be long, make mold will take 20 days at least. And also has shipping time.

About product express, If you has express account, you could send to us or we arrange express for you.DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT,etc.And after get the track number, will send it to you for you follow the goods.



  • Products Equipments




  • Quotation Time

After signture NDA with Vowin,Our professional engineer, project manager,QA manager,QC manager and Production manager will according to your 2D/3D drawing and requirements to feedback .

Our sales department will always keep an eye on it , Quotation sheet will send within 24 hours after sending the drawings and requirements.



Sign NDA

After signature NDA with Vowin. we have professional engineers and project person to handle quotation according to customers’ 2D/3D drawing and requirements,so quotation sheet will be sent out 24 hours for general projects.


Service customers

We provide customers with the flexibility to order production in low quantities using processes such as CNC machining, vacuum casting with silicone molds and low volume injection molds until they are ready for higher volume options. This helps get your product to market faster at lower cost and risk.

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