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5 Axis eva foam for car cnc machining prototype

Release time:2021-09-24
Our Service

CNC Machining - Milling & Turning

50 sets CNC Machining - high Efficiency
Max' target='_blank'>milling size:2100*1200*550mm
Advantages: a large sample size, high strength, good toughness, low cost.
Metal material:Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy, Sheet Metal, Brass

3D Printing (SLA/SLS)

Build Envelope: 450x450x300mm
Resolution: ± 0.05mm Materials: EP06, Somos 14120, Nylon, Metal... Advantage:High Speed/ High Precision Complex Geometries/
Material Reduction Options/Both Comestic and Structural Parts
Maximum size: 1000*800*800mmTolerance:100mm/+/-0.20mm. Injected Material: Impoted PU, Transparent PU, Soft PU、PP、8150、PX223、PX100 Mold material: Imported
Silicone、Tnsparent Silicone、Special Silicone

Sheet Metal Machining

Fabrication includes: -Cutting - sawing, shearing, or chiseling torching and CNC laser, milling -Bending -Assembly - welding,
adhesive binding, or crimping. Material:cold rolled sheet (SPCC), hot rolled plate (SHCC), galvanized sheet (SECC/SGCC), brass,
copper, copper, aluminum plate, aluminum, stainless steel plating.

Injection Molding/Die Casting Mold

Injection molding is a method to mass produce complex parts. Inject the heated and melted material with high pressure into the
cavity, after cooling solidification, then products molded. Advantages:Low cost tooling/ Complete design freedom/High strength to
weight ratio/No sink marks / Elimination of secondary operations /Low weight/Wide range pf physical properties

Surface Treatment

3.Silk Screen
5.Hand Assembly
6.Laser etching
8.high polish
9.fuming PC
All the surface treatment according to client's request
Product Show


All the parts will be checked before delivery, with white paper, foam and air bubble sheet wrapped. Putting into Industrial-man custom-made carton or wooden box.


We will choose common International Express such as DHL/UPS/Fedex for delivery. If you need fastest way we can choose official one which freight cost would be higher than normal but faster(normal:3-4 days, official:1~2 days). You can also choose to pay with your own Express account.
Service Procedure
As below:
1.Signed NDA
2.3D/2D files quote
3.Check production specifications & offer advice
4.Send quotations
5.Reach an agreement and confirm final quotation
6.Clients send PO to us
7. 50% Payment down
8.INDUSTRI-MAN 7x24 processing production
9. Quality Control
10. Samples confirmation and blance payment down
11.Delivery with official DHL ,UPS,FEDEX,TNT...

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