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Top 10 Injection Molding Companies In Japan

Release time:2022-03-14

According to Japanese industrial statistics, Japan' target='_blank'>mold production capacity accounted for 40% of the world, a large number of' target='_blank'>mold exports to foreign countries every year.

In Japan, there are about 10,686 injection mold manufacturers and about 104,000 employees, most of which are small enterprises. Manufacturers with less than 10 workers account for about 80%, and manufacturers with less than 20 workers account for about 90%. Japan has always been a big exporter of molds.In 2004, it was still the largest exporter of molds in the world. The annual export value of molds reached 360 billion yen, about 6.1 times of the import value of 59.9 billion yen.

This article lists the top 10 injection mold factories in Japan. If you are looking for an injection mold suppliers in Japan, I hope this will be helpful to you.

Top 10 Injection Molding Companies In Japan

1. Matex Co., Ltd.

  • Location: Osaka, Japan
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1921
  • The number of employees: 900-999
  • Main products: Precision Injection Molding, Designing, Custom Injection Mold

Matex Co., Ltd. Company Profile

At their injection molding section, they receive order of designing various high-precision injection molding parts, designing metal mold and mass producing in all three factories in Japan. Also, they support assembling parts and response customers’ needs.

Their lighter and less-cost products using plastic instead of machined or metal components have been evaluating. By introducing newest injection molding services, they can supply super engineering plastics products which has excellent heat resistance.

2. YASUI Co., Ltd.

  • Location: Miyazki, Japan
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1977
  • The number of employees: 300-399
  • Main products: Plastic Injection Molds, coating machine designer and manufacturer

YASUI Company Profile

Their mission is to provide their customers with high quality products together with reassurance and safety. With their corporate policy of “Never compromise on quality. Their capability is infinite.”, they have started dialyzer production in 1977.

With nurtured technology and knowhow, they’ve never compromised on quality and obtained the Medical Devices Manufacturing Authorization License in 2012 and ISO13485 in 2013. Ultimately medical devices assembly business started.

With full awareness, each Injection Molding Dept. member is producing and assembling parts of medical devices related to human health and life. They, Yasui’s Injection Molding Company, aspire to improve product quality, stable production and stable supply.


  • Location: Kanagawa, Japan
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1928
  • The number of employees: 200-299
  • Main products: Mold Design and Production, Plastic Molding, Plastic Painting, Plastic Assembly

FUJIGOUSEI Inc. Company Profile

Since its establishment, FUJIGOUSEI has been primarily making injection molds and molding precision plastic for wired/wireless communication devices, mobile phone cases, computer terminals, and peripheral devices.

Additionally, in order to support the operational efficiency of their customers, they provide high-quality, nearly completed products through the implementation of 3D CAD, CAM, and plastic painting lines,as well as by strengthening their administrative departments.


  • Location: Nagoya City, Japan
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1967
  • The number of employees: 200-299
  • Main products: Electric parts, Automotive Parts, three-dimensional,small or medium-sized items


Ever since they were founded in 1967, they have been satisfying customers’ needs in a specific manner by pursuing precise plastic injection mold manufacturing.

Their company is characterized by mold manufacturing, which combines new technologies with the traditional ones, integrating expert skills that have been cultivated from years of experience, as well as continuously updating to the latest equipment.

With absolute “quality”, “speed”, and “a global perspective” as their keywords, they will try new territories and manufacture goods with the world in sight, aiming to become a company that their customers can trust as a business partner.

5. Yasuda Mold Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

  • Location: Kuwana City, Japan
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1947
  • The number of employees: 100-199
  • Main products: High-degree Molds, Design of plastics and a die-cast Metallic mold

Yasuda Mold Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Company Profile

Walking faithfully with high growth of Japanese economy from the vicissitude after the World War II, their injection molding company came to grow up as an enterprise supplying molds to the world.

It would be by actual results conserved for a long term and fruits of perception by experience that they had passed them. Now there are remarkable development on the technological innovation, however, their actual results and know-how are estimated very highly.

Their company is certainly small, but aiming at a shine one,constructed the system of production like diamond, by a small-sharp group, and are obtaining excellent results step by step. After this they devote themselves to the study to make satisfying products for customers.

6. Newton Co.,Ltd

  • Location: Obuke, Japan
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1986
  • The number of employees: 100-199
  • Main products: Mold Design, Precision Plastic Injection Molding

Newton Co.,Ltd Company Profile

Ever since Newton was founded, they have continuously worked to improve their technical skills with such spirit. Their spirit and dedication to improve have lead to production of high quality goods, satisfying not only their valued customers, but also their local and global society.

They believe it is important to understand that they are not only part of their local society but a member of Planet Earth. While manufacturing injection molding plastic goods necessary for human society, they never neglect their impact on their environment.

This is why high technical skills and knowledge are necessary.Their identity lies in being environmentally friendly, having a global mindset, and ability to turn their creative thoughts into desirable products.

7. N.W.K Japan

  • Location: Osaka, Japan
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1946
  • The number of employees: 100-199
  • Main products: Injection molding, extrusion, blowing molds

N.W.K Japan Company Profile

Since established in 1946, NWK is a leading mold manufacturer in Japan. As a result of their long-time effort to train engineers and repeated upgrade of machinery, they can produce all types of highly accurate custom plastic injection mold, extrusion, and blowing molds operable in good condition for about 20 years.

They are very confident in their products and technology, but not satisfied yet. That is why they keep focusing on research, development, and innovation.

8. PRC Co., Ltd.

Location: Prefecture, Japan
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 1989
The number of employees: 100-199
Main products: Injection Molds, Precision Mold

PRC Co., Ltd. Company Profile

In order for manufacturers to produce better products stably under high efficiency using their molds, they work to further evolve their technology with the polished exploring spirit in Japan where the tradition of craftspersonship is alive and cherished.

Rubber and resin parts play an important role in their lives from automobiles, medical instruments and sports equipment to weather satellites.

They, PRC, are the experts in injection molds making, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of these parts to help make people’s lives better and better.

Through the power generated from strong Person to Person (P) Reliance (R), they realize new Creations (C). They are Japanese artisans who master secrets and create a strong and precise outcome.

They take pride in their heritage, their company and their proprietary knowledge and technology. At PRC, they continue to pursue uncompromising quality and develop technology that enable creating even more advanced products.

They use their excellent craftspersonship to contribute to the goals of their customers.sustainable product lines, Plascon is North America’s trusted source for all your waste stream plastic needs.

9. Shinwakogyo Co., Ltd.

  • Location: Kawaguchi, Japan
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1974
  • The number of employees: 50-99
  • Main products: Plastic Molded Products, product design,
    flow analysis and mold design

Shinwakogyo Co., Ltd. Company Profile

Shinwakogyo Co., Ltd. has dedicated the technique of plastic injection mold making and production of mold since the stablishment on 1974. During the process, they have provided various services not only contract processing but also 3D CAD, product design, flow analysis and mold design positively.

They have accomplished various works for medical products during the trade with the medical companies, such as deployment of class 10,000 clean room in their facility, acquirement of ISO13485 certification, medical device manufacturing approval, custom molding machine, etc.

They provide plastic products with sophisticated technique and dedicated quality management so that to satisfy various customer needs such as cutting-edge medical device manufacturer, Major overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers and so on.

10. Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  • Location: Aichi, Japan
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1965
  • The number of employees: 50-99
  • Main products: Plastic Injection Molding

Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Company Profile

Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd. has pursued the technology of  injection molding services consistently since its foundation in 1965. Plastic molding was the state-of-the-art technology by the time but now this is considered as the most popular means of mass production.

But on the other hand, it is still continuously developing new technology and new applications. By utilizing this manufacturing technology, it adds higher value to products. And they would like to contribute to Japan brand manufacturing.Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd. has come considering precision injection molding of a plastics as a business principal.

Nowadays many of their plastic parts are used for various products and supporting Japanese plastic mold manufacturing industry. By concentrating on precise and small parts, they contribute to optics, medicals, household appliances, automobiles and even to food manufacturing fields

If you’re looking for more injection molding manufacturers, Also you can choose a Chinese injection mold supplier: Ideal vowin industrial limited.
 Ideal vowin industrial limited
Location: Shenzhen, China
Company type: Manufacturing
Year founded: 2005
The number of employees: 201-300
Main product: Plastic Injection Mold, Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing
Other products: Overmolding Products, Insert Molding Products,3D printing and CNC Prototyping


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