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How to Ensure Accuracy and Precision in CNC Prototype Service

Release time:2022-05-14

CNC prototype service could significantly reduce costs and the time it takes to build prototypes of your design. However, there are things you should consider to ensure accuracy and precision and achieve the best results. From making your design CNC' target='_blank'>machining-friendly to working with the right service provider, here are tips to help you get the most out of the process and get the exact parts you need.


Work with the correct manufacturer.


Partnering with a reputable and experienced CNC prototype service is the first step to ensuring accurate and precise prototypes. The service provider must have a track record of delivering high-quality prototypes on time and according to its client’s budget. Make sure it will work closely with you and that it offers a range of CNC machining tools and equipment, such as lathes, axis machines, surface grinding machines, CNC mills, and sink and wire EDMs. You should also ensure that the manufacturer’s processes and facilities are ISO- and IATF-certified.


Design your prototype well


Some factors can affect the accuracy, precision, and speed of prototype manufacturing, such as the complexity of your design and the number of sides the tools work on. You could save time and ensure accuracy by ensuring that your design can work with a five-axis machine. This way, extra setups are eliminated, and the turnaround can be faster.


Hole depth is among the things you should consider in your design. Consider keeping the diameter ratio at 10:1 or less, as anything more in-depthwill require extensive drilling.


Check the tolerances


CNC prototype service providers typically use tight tolerances to ensure accuracy and precision. Reputable companies control tolerances to DIN-2678-1 Fine for metals and Medium for plastics to reduce discrepancies between your design and the prototype.

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