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China Injection Mold – How to Manufacture Successfully in China

Release time:2022-05-14' target='_blank'>China Injection Mold – How to Manufacture Successfully in China

China is one of the places where you can find low-cost manufacturing and prototyping services. You have to be careful when choosing a manufacturer to work with. To ensure success in your next China injection mold project, you’ll have to consider your requirements and the capability and experience of a prospective manufacturer in fulfilling those. Here are some tips to help increase your chances of success:

Understand how the process

Plastic injection molding involves injecting hot molten plastic into a custom metal mold. The plastic is left inside the mold to cool, solidify, and take the mold’s shape. That makes the process practical for building custom plastic products, including car components, packaging, tools, medical equipment, fasteners, and toys. Make sure that your preferred manufacturer can create the custom China injection mold, so you won’t have to look further, and you can save time.

Ensure high-quality molds

The molds must be made of high-quality, durable materials, such as aluminum and steel. Experienced manufacturers often use steel to give more value to their clients looking to produce more parts. That makes it ideal for low-volume end-use manufacturing as steel molds can typically deliver more parts than comparable aluminum molds.

Choose a versatile manufacturer

A custom China injection mold is not merely for prototyping purposes. Some manufacturers can also offer injection molding as rapid tooling, which delivers low-volume production-quality parts from production resins, with a maximum order quantity of 100,000 pieces. Thus, rapid injection molding also serves as end-use prototype manufacturing where the parts are already production-grade, but with lesser costs and lead times than full production tooling.

Look for relevant certifications

Pick a manufacturer that is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. These certifications ensure that the manufacturer follows stringent quality control standards to meet customer needs while reducing environmental impact.

Establish a trustworthy partnership with the manufacturer

Reputable manufacturers can review your project for free. They can also give you tips for reducing lead times and costs for your China injection mold. For instance, they could recommend you design your project with minimal surface finishing to speed up the manufacturing process and cut costs.

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