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Best SLA Rapid Prototypes Service Provided from Vowin rapid prototype

Release time:2023-02-08

SLA' target='_blank'>rapid prototypes is a 3D Printing technology used for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing. It is one of the most popular and versatile technologies we offer and can be used to produce concept models, one-off presentation models and masters for use in Vacuum Casting.


An SLA prototype machine was the first additive machine we purchased to start our rapid prototyping company with back in 2005. As one of the first SLA rapid prototypes service bureaus in Zhongshan City, China, we have supplied tens of thousands of SLA rapid prototypes to designers, marketers, engineers and entrepreneurs over the last 15 plus years. Build a highly accurate 3D model for your next show model or design review meeting with SLA rapid prototypes. We operate a suite of SLA prototype machine (one of which is dedicated to medical device prototyping) working round the clock, giving us the capacity to produce parts quickly and cost effectively with no compromise on build quality.


In the overall product design and development cycle, SLA rapid prototypes is a vital process for helping you get your products to market fast.

Speed: SLA rapid prototypes is one of the most popular prototyping processes among product designers and design engineers as it enables them to get their designs off the drawing board and on to the table quickly. Depending on exact specifications, SLA rapid prototypes models can be turned around overnight

Cost effective small numbers: Single parts can be produced quickly and easily

Tight tolerances: parts can be produced to very specific requirements


Broad range of part properties:

High-temperature resistance

Moisture resistant

Clear, white or translucent; colour finishing available

High level of feature complexity

Excellent surface finish

Range of model sizes


SLA Rapid Prototypes Advantages:

Highly Accurate

Smooth surface finish

Easy to finish and paint

Heat and moisture resistant

Quick turnarounds

Low costs with economy of scale


SLA Rapid Prototypes Best Uses:

Fit and function samples

Master patterns

Painted sales & marketing samples

Clear sample parts

Quickcast for casting masters


SLA rapid prototypes is a 3D printing process used in rapid prototyping, and is typically used early in the product development process as concept or one-off presentation models and masters. SLA rapid prototypes has many different material options from Formlabs, 3D Systems and DSM SOMOS. Here are the most popular materials we run. If there is another material you are interested in, please contact our sales team and they will find and bring in the right material for your needs.

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