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Top 5 Benefits of Low-Volume Production

Release time:2023-09-05

However, this creates growing competition and the pressure to make one-of-a-kind designs despite uncertainties about
whether they will do well. Low-volume production can be the answer to avoiding the risks of mass production.


Low-volume manufacturing generates parts in quantities of up to 100,000. Any industry or company can leverage it to experience
the following benefits:


  1. Save money

Buying in bulk or wholesale might mean savings, but this does not apply to manufacturing, where the cost per unit depends on the materials. Low-volume manufacturing can reduce your investment in the end-use production of your product. It can be more economical to use low-cost, quality parts. If they wear out, they will be cheaper and easier to replace.

High-volume manufacturing facilities often have minimum order requirements to cover setup costs and hefty production investments. Low-volume manufacturers have lower overheads, making them more flexible and capable of making products with a minimum order quantity of one.


  1. Design flexibility

Low-volume production offers more design flexibility to' target='_blank'>product designers, manufacturers, and engineers. Parts are made in smaller quantities, so it’s easier to modify the design and gain consumer feedback without significantly impacting the entire order.


  1. Opportunities for bridge production

Bridge production delivers production-quality parts from production resins. As such, it’s also perceived as end-use prototype manufacturing, as the results are similar to production parts but with lower costs and shorter lead times.


  1. Faster time to market

The market is filled with competition, making it crucial for every business to be the first to bring a unique product to it. The competitive environment and market fickleness add pressure on designers and developers to make one-of-a-kind, high-quality goods fast. Low-volume production optimizes your supply chain and manufacturing plans with shorter lead times, allowing you to introduce products quickly compared to traditional manufacturing.


  1. Upgrade your design at a lower cost

Low-volume production won’t make you waste plenty of resources and money if you suddenly need to make changes to your product or design. You can make various design variations and test and verify them effectively.

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