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Release time:2023-10-24

Low Volume Production Advantage

When a product is designed successfully and the final prototype test is good, part production will start. Due to many risks and big fun associated to mass production of a product quickly, many companies are seeking for a safer solution.

Also, with the rapid development of technology and the increasing competition, the product life cycle is becoming shorter and shorter. Making a new product in a short turnaround becomes the key for an enterprise to win the market.

In this case, they look for manufactures to make parts in low volume quantity and in short time.


1.  Shorten Lead Time

Low volume production can shorten the production time of various products. Compared with the traditional batch manufacturing mode, small batch production reduces the production, saves a lot of time and greatly improves the production efficiency.


2.  Easily Adapt to Market Changes

Low volume production helps customer quickly adapt to the changes of orders and market needs. It can be said that in the market-oriented or order -oriented manufacturing mode, the biggest advantage of small batch production is the minimization of product inventory and the rapid adjustment adaptability to the changes of market demand.

Rapid alternative product development has become the key for enterprises to win market competition. Before mass production, in order to verify whether its structure and performance need to be improved, more and more enterprises hope to urgently need a small batch production mode to meet the corresponding needs in the research trial production stage or market research stage.


3.  Early Manufacturing Cost Reduction

Compare to mass production, customers don’t need to invest too much cost in' target='_blank'>mold making with small batch production ( low volume production),  this will save a lot of time and labor cost.


Under the condition of economic market, consumers tend to diversify their hobbies and pursue high-grade, unique and popular goods different from others. New products are update quickly. In order to expand market share, enterprises must adapt to this change in the market. The diversification of enterprise products has became an inevitable trend. Customers will produce similar products at different specifications, models, sizes, shapes, colors, etc.  But if the varieties of products are produced in large quantities in one time, the overall cost is particularly high, and it is not easy to make production plans, in which there will be great risks. Low volume production will save the early investment and help the enterprise save big fun in the mass production of the right products.


4.  Risk Reduction

Before a new product going to mass production in large quantities, the enterprise will do the trial production and use the low volume production to test the market feedback and verify the parts performance and specifications to see if it is needed to be improved. This will reduce the risk to invest too much fun and time to start the mass production right away if there are any needs to the part design change or any production planning change.

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