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Routine Maintenance of CNC Machining Center

Release time:2023-12-08


This document is specially formulated for better maintaining all cnc' target='_blank'>machining equipment, making the corresponding standards of equipment maintenance and checks according to different types of machines, definitely implementing the routine maintenance of cnc machines, ensuring the accuracy and stability of equipment and increasing their service life, ensuring safety in production and avoiding the accidents and achieving the purpose of safety and high efficiency.


All maintenance and checks used in machining centers are the standards we mention.

The definition of routine maintenance:

The routine maintenance refers to the maintenance that cnc machine operators have to do to per shift, which is mainly concerned with the checks before and after each shift, including keeping the equipment clean, checking the machine tool accessories and their lubricities, and confirming if the screws work loose, etc.

Routine Maintenance of CNC Machines

1 The indicator lamp of the operator panel works fine, and has no abnormal alarm.

2 Ensuring the air pressure gauge reading is within the range of 0.4-0.6MPa.

3 Ensuring no air leakage in air compressor systems, no abnormal noise with the motors and moving components and no water leak in cutting fluid pipeline.

4 Wiping the operator panel with dry cloth and keeping it clean

5 Cleaning up the filter gauze of cutting fluid and keep it clean.

6 Confirming that the cooling fan of main shaft works fine.

7 Washing the aluminum scraps and other debris in the inside of machine and keep it clean before leaving work.

8 Checking the position of cutting fluid, and adjusting it if the position of fluid is not within normal limits.

9 Checking the emergency door of cnc machine. The machine will stop running when its emergency door is opened during it is running, which is normal.

10 Checking the barometric pressure. It will alarm you when the air pressure is too low during the air supply is shut down, which is normal.

11 Checking the emergency stop function. The machine will stop its running immediately when the emergency stop button is pressed during this machine is running, which is normal.

12 Checking the accessory equipment of cnc machine and keeping them clean.

Weekly maintenance of CNC Machines

1 Wiping the surfaces of machine with dry cloth including the top surfaces of machine covers and the motor shell and keeping them clean.

2 Cleaning up the water tank of the cutting fluid and foreign matters in the cutting fluid pipeline and keeping its pipeline clear.

3 Cleaning the spindle nose, taper of hole in spindle and tool changers, and wiping them up with a cloth.

4 Excluding the moisture in Three-Point Combination Mainfold. 

Monthly maintenance of CNC Machines

1 Adding the lubricating grease to X, Y, Z axis and automatic tool changers.

2 Cleaning up and changing the Electric Cabinets.

3 Checking if there is some water or oil in the Electric Cabinets and cleaning them up if there is.

4 Using the manual function for making X, Y, Z axis travel fully and checking if there is any abnormal noise.

5 Cleaning up the cooling fan of main shaft.

6 Checking if the anchor bolts are stable and informing the equipment maintenance personnel of adjusting the machines whose bolts are loose.

7 Cleaning up the exterior and filter element of oil recovery device, checking if it works fine and ensuring no vibration and noise in motor and circulation in return pipe.

Scheduled Maintenance of Equipment

The equipment needs to be regularly maintained by Equipment Group, including Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual and Year maintenance, and accuracy checking for cnc machining centers.

Monthly Maintenance: Checking if there is any abnormal noise with the 3-axis motor and moving components, checking if there is something wrong with the machine tool parameter, checking if the air pressure gauge reading is within the range of 0.4-0.6MPa, checking the protective guard and exposed pipelines to see if there is any breakage, checking if the lubricating oil system works fine and there is any oil leak, checking the safety devices like door lock and stop switch to see if there is any breakage.

Quarterly Maintenance:

Cleaning up the aluminum scraps in the sheet metal for X and Y axis, cleaning up the water tank of the cutting fluid and foreign matters in the cutting fluid pipeline and keeping its pipeline clear.

Cleaning up and maintaining the cooling fan of main shaft, checking if there is any water or oil in the electric control panel and cleaning up them if there is, checking the exhaust fan of electric control panel to see if it works fine, cleaning up the exterior and filter element of oil recovery device and checking if the oil recovery device works fine.

Semi-annual Maintenance:

Checking if there is any noise and vibration with the water pump and motor of oil recycling machine, checking there is any water or oil in transformer and checking if the exhaust fan of transformer works fine, checking if the anchor bolts is stable, cleaning the spindle nose and the taper of hole in spindle and wiping them up with a cloth, cleaning up the tool changer and checking there is any damage with the cutter holder, checking if all fans of the drivers work fine.

Year Maintenance:

Checking if there is any abrasion with the spring of tool changers, screws and bearings, checking if the backup battery for machine tool is working, backing up the authorization files and parameters of machine tools, checking if the tension of spindle is within normal limits, checking there is any looseness with the connection terminal of main power supply and terminals in the electric control panel, checking if the geometrical accuracy for machine tool is within normal limits, and carrying on annual maintenance to the machine precision according to Accuracy checklist of CNC Machining Center.

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