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Rapid prototyping service

Release time:2023-12-22

Rapid Prototyping Service

Vowin is a professional prototype and mass production maker in China. We are focus on high quality' target='_blank'>rapid prototype and Cheap mass production manufacturing service.

Rapid Prototyping

We can make a variety of metal and plastic prototype and product . Our processing technology : 3D printing, CNC plastic machining, CNC metal machining, Sheet metal fabrication, plastic injection Molding& Die casting, Silicone mold & vacuum casting, Surface Finishing service, Assemble & testing, Quality inspection. Metal rapid prototyping manufacturing China.


With a range of technologies and services, we are the best suitable one-stop-shop for all your prototyping and mass production. If you want to learn more about the rapid prototyping process ,please send your 3D design file to our international team of engineers. 

3D Printing service

Application of cheap rapid prototyping technology

We are committed to providing low volume production solutions using additive manufacturing and other rapid prototyping processes.Through continued investment in people, skills and technology, we have developed impressive production capacity and completed projects In a wide range of fields, such as medical prototype, automobile prototype, household appliance prototype, robot prototype, toy prototype, consumer electronics prototype and communication prototype, we have formed an impressive production capacity and completed the project flexibly.

CNC Metal Machining

Advantages Of Making A Prototype

How can making a prototype help you and your business? here are just some of the ways:

  • Show your customers and investors a physical model of your product
  • Demonstrate the appearance, dimensions and features of your product
  • Test the market with your product before production
  • Save time and money by identifying and reducing design flaws
  • Improve and streamline the production process
  • Create multiple versions with different colors, surface textures and finishing processes

CNC Plastic Machining

Why did you choose us?

(1) 18 years experience of customized prototype and mass production
(2) 100+ workers
(3) Reply within 8 hours
(4) 24-hour production
(5) 100% inspection , confidentiality system
You can get products 30% cheaper than US/EU or free samples.  

Injection Molding

Our advantage
We are devoted to provide a one-stop service with the manufacturing of prototypes and mass production for customers.
1. Established in 2002, 
2. 7000 square meters factory in China.
3.  115 skilled technicians and engineers.
4. Advanced equipment (57 advanced equipment from Japan and Taiwan)
5. Rich processing technology(18 years of rich processing technology and Management experience)
6. ISO9001 certificate
7. SGS authorized company
8. Top quality and competitive price (normally 30% cheaper than US/Europe)
9. Focus on customer needs with high quality and fast delivery

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