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What is the reason why CNC 5-axis machining services is so popular?

Release time:2024-01-11

The so-called CNC 5-axis' target='_blank'>machining services here means that there are at least five coordinate axes (three linear coordinates and two rotary coordinates) on a machine tool, and it can coordinate the movement under the control of computer numerical control (CNC) system for machining.What are the advantages of CNC 5-axis machining services compared with the general 3-axis CNC machining service?

1.  CNC 5-axis machining services can process continuous and smooth free-form surfaces that can’t be processed by general CNC 3-axis machining services or can hardly be clamped in one time.Such as aircraft engine and turbine blades, ship propellers, including some special curved surface and complex cavity, hole of the shell and mould, etc., such as using ordinary CNC triaxial processing services, because of the tool relative to the workpiece position Angle cannot be changed in the process of machining, machining some complex free surface, it is possible to generate interference or owe processing (processing).

When CNC 5-axis machining services is used, the position and pose Angle of the tool/workpiece can be adjusted at any time during the machining process, thus the interference of the tool workpiece can be avoided and the whole machining can be completed by clamping at one time.CNC 5-axis machining services

2.  CNC 5-axis machining services can improve the machining accuracy, quality and efficiency of spatial free-form surfaces.Three axis CNC machining services, for example, a complex curved surface, with the ball milling cutter head, ball head milling cutter is point contact forming, cutting efficiency is low, and the tool/workpiece position Angle in the machining process not to move, generally it is difficult to ensure good cutting point on the ball milling cutter head linear velocity (i.e., the ball head high) with cutting, cutting point and may appear in the rotation of the ball head dao online speed is equal to zero on the center line.

But use five axis CNC processing services, due to the tool/workpiece position Angle can be adjusted at any time, it can not only avoid the happening of this kind of situation, but also can be make full use of the cutter for cutting of cutting point, or contact with lines forming spiral end mill instead of point contact shape of ball milling cutter head, you can even through further optimization tool/workpiece posture Angle for milling, thereby gaining a higher cutting speed, cutting line width, obtain higher efficiency and better cutting machining surface quality.


3.  The advantages of mold processing.In the traditional die processing, the vertical machining center is usually used to complete the milling of the workpiece.With the continuous development of mould manufacturing technology, some weaknesses of vertical machining center itself become more and more obvious.Modern mold processing generally use ball head milling cutter for machining the ball milling cutter head in mould processing benefit is very obvious, but if use vertical machining center, the bottom of the linear velocity is zero, so bottom surface degree of finish is very poor, if you use the CNC processing service, CNC 4 axis machining services and CNC 5-axis machining services technology mould, can overcome the above shortcomings.

Using CNC 5-axis machining services to process molds can achieve faster mold processing, faster delivery, better guarantee the quality of mold processing, mold processing, modification will become easier.

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