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Assembly service

Release time:2024-02-26

Assembly service

If you want to assemble plastic parts together or assemble plastic or metal parts with machine part, screw, or baring, KaierWo ENGINEERING can serve your needs either component will be supplied by you, or will be sourced by Vowin ENGINEERING

What is assembly Service

Assembly is the act of joining metal components into plastic or other mating parts through processes such as riveting, binding with adhesives, threaded fasteners, and more. In most manufacturing processes, metal assembly requires both automation and human labor. There are several types of metal assembly in manufacturing. These include

Assembly service

1.Mechanical Assembly

This involves using different kinds of fasteners such as nuts, screws, bolts, and more, to assemble or join several parts together. Mechanical assembly is well suited for assemblies that are not permanent or may need adjustments and routine maintenance.

2.Threaded Inserts

Threaded inserts are used to add screw threads to parts that require thread strengths greater than plastic threads. The inserts are typically made out of brass or aluminum and are then welded onto the part.

3.Press Fitting

Press fittings provide a reliable seal, reduce error, and when pressed correctly, are free of leaks. Generally, a press-fit is the fastening of two parts, inserting a standoff into a fitting by normal force, with the interference holding both parts in place.


Riveting is often used for metal parts and components that are used for processes that encounter unstable pressure and temperature.


We have been cooperating with VOWG,GREE and MINDRAY since 2014. We help our customers with the design and manufacture of the main assembly components (plastic parts, die casting parts, aluminum profiles, and outer package) and the sourcing of other components,they received products and gave unanimous praise.

Why do many customers choose assembly service?

Why do many customers choose assembly service?

Assembly service helps our customers save cost and time on their projects. From' target='_blank'>mold production to mass production, to product assembly and packaging, product materials range from rubber, plastic to metal, Vowin 's one-stop service will continue to improve to meet all your needs.

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