What is the difference between the spindle swing and the tab

Release time:2018-08-22

1. When the machine tool can't realize the swing of the worktable, it can only adopt the way of head swing when processing the large and heavy parts; 


2. swing machine due to the need to overcome the weight of the workpieces, if the workpiece is heavy, has higher requirements on the clip; 


3. The tool length of the spindle oscillating machine tool has a certain influence on the machining precision of the machine tool , the length of the tool is part of the swing arm , the length of the cutter affects the length of the swing arm , and the error increases with the length of the tool . 


4. The machining range of the workpiece diameter direction of the main shaft oscillating machine tool can be reduced , and the stroke can be eaten when the main shaft oscillating angle results in that the diameter range of the maximum workpiece which can be processed by the five - axis machining is smaller than that of the three - axis machining ; 


5. During the swinging process , the position error is generated due to the swinging of the two machine tools , but the position error of the main shaft oscillating machine can also generate the shape error . When the spindle oscillating machine tool rotates , the feeding direction of the machining hole and the rotation center of the cutter are deviated , so that the shape error is generated , and the wedge - shaped hole is generated . 


6. due to the different rotation points, when the tool tip achieves the same displacement, the spindle of the spindle swing machine needs to swing more angles, so the efficiency of spindle swing machine is relatively low when machining the same parts. 


7. The spindle swinging machine tool, because of the spindle swing, the spindle rigidity is relatively poor, and the worktable swing machine tool, is the worktable swing, will not have any influence on the spindle rigidity.

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