Manufacturing process and characteristics of ABS prototype

Release time:2018-08-22

ABS prototype is one of the most common prototype, because ABS is a good engineering plastic, and its strength can meet the needs of all kinds of prototype processing. Such as testing function, polishing and dyeing. ABS also has impact resistance, corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance. And surface smoothness is also guaranteed to obtain. If the prototype needs to dyeing and silk screen when it has been done, the surface is better sticky, not too slippery. ABS is widely used in industries and fields such as automobile, toy, household appliance shell, mechanical instrument and so on. It has become one of the most widely used engineering plastics. How does the ABS prototype make?


First, let the programmer write the data according to the 3D drawing provided by the client. The machining equipment is then processed according to the program written by the programmer . Then use the CNC processing equipment to process according to the program written by the programmer. And let the NC machining equipment according to these 3D data for cutting tools, turning face machining, and then come out of the embryonic form of the material. After the embryonic form processing of ABS prototype is finished , the surface of the prototype is relatively rough, and need to be polishing, so that the surface appearance of ABS prototype is smooth and exquisite. Then the ABS prototype was assembled, and the assembly problem was detected by data. Polishing in accordance with the requirements of polishing of the documents provided by the client as well as according to the drawings and instructions provided by the client. The polishing commonly used in ABS prototype includes oil injection, screen printing, electroplating and so on. Finally, the prototype should be tested, and the prototype can be packaged and shipped to the client if there is no problem.

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