Precision Machining Magnesium Alloy Parts

Release time:2018-08-22
Product Details:
Magnesium alloys mainly consists of magnesium, with other elements. Its characteristics are: low density, high strength, elastic modulus, absorb shock well, impact load carrying capacity than aluminum alloy, good corrosion properties of organic compounds and alkali resistance. Main alloying elements are aluminum, zinc, manganese, zirconium, cerium, thorium, as well as a small amount of cadmium. Mainly used in aerospace, transportation, chemical industry, rocket and other industrial sectors.

Magnesium Alloy Parts

The detail of Magnesium Alloy Parts

Magnesium alloys with below characteristics
1. Light weight, good strength;
2. Heat dissipation, good anti-electromagnetic;
3. Recyclable, environmentally-friendly.
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