Mechanical Parts Machining for Enclosure

Release time:2018-08-22
Mechanical parts machining is a common part of machining industry. Appearance & Structure of mechanical parts are relatively simple. Clients are easy to find supplier which depends on their price.

Vowin is a company with quality and price advantage. Our customers are located in countries such as Canada, USA, France, Germany, Japan, etc. Why they will choose us?  It is decided by our quality ,leading time & services.

1.16 years experiences of model making

2.Tolerance:reach +- 0.01mm

3.CNC Machinery:55 sets

4.Testing Equipment: Caliper/ Colorimeter/3D Coordinated testing equipment/Needle gauge and so on.

5.QC department to quality control.

Case Study:
1. Program with 3D files (STP/IGS/X-T format)
2. CNC Machining
3. Polishing
4. Anodizing(color customized by client)
Any new projects are welcomed
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